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Surveillance has become one of the “best practices” of the investigation industry. Whether verifying an injured worker’s disability status or monitoring a warehouse of activity, surveillance is often the only solution and can provide some of the strongest evidence in court.

Premarital Investigations: Marriage is a big risk, today. You have a lot at stake. You need to know if they are telling the truth. Is he who he says he is? Does she really have a master’s degree? Has he/she been married five times? These questions may seem unordinary, but are very real and can be answered by a confidential pre-marital investigation. 

Is your spouse, acting suspicious? Do you really know what’s happening? We recognize and understand the stress and emotional strain that comes with issues like the fidelity of a spouse or significant other. You may be at a point in your life when you need some answers. You may need to make some important decisions. You need answers not guesswork. The results we provide will help you a great deal legally and emotionally. Surveillance is the most effective way to determine inconsistencies or consistencies in a subject’s behavior. A thorough report, videotaped documentation and still photographic evidence are important to your case. All evidence is collected and provided in a professional manner.

Child Custody:
Nothing is more important than the safety and welfare of an innocent child. Are your children being left alone at home? Is there a third party sleeping over at the residence while your children are there? Surveillance is a great tool for showing the truth in many child custody cases. The court is guided by one standard – the best interest of the child. If you have reason to believe it is not in the best interest of your child to be in the custody of your spouse or to visit your spouse, we will find out if your belief can be supported with evidence. Thought it is important, normally, that each parent remain a strong part of a child’s life, it is equally important that your child not be in an unhealthy environment. 

 Blackwater Investigations provides surveillance to large and small business, insurance companies, law firms, and individuals.