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Blackwater Investigations

Providing Peace of Mind in an Uncertain World
Maryland Private Detective Agency License #106-5466

Full service private investigation agency that provides better, faster and a more reliable service, in an honest and forthright fashion located in the Baltimore area of Maryland.

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Blackwater Investigations, based in Maryland is a full service investigative agency offering investigations and process serving. Built from the ground up, forged on a foundation of Integrity and Professionalism. We have served private parties, insurance agencies, as well as business and legal entities. We are relentless in our hunt for the truth, motivated by results, and our innovative techniques will change the industry. Other private investigators in Baltimore work part time, or on the side of another job. Here at Blackwater Investigations, this is our passion. We are open to investigations 24 hours a day 7 days a week, ready to get you the results you desire.


Black Water Investigations is a full service private investigation agency.


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Service of Process

Asset Check

Skip Trace

Background Checks

Child Custody


Worker’s Compensation claims


Recorded Statements

Scene Investigation

Vehicle Damage Photos


We are reliable, honest, hard working, thorough and will always do our best for our clients. With extensive and specialized investigative techniques, our private investigators are equipped with the latest investigative equipment, tools, experience and training to successfully complete any investigation, day or night. Blackwater Investigations get the answers you need, get your FREE consultation today!

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TOLL FREE : 855-808-ispy (855-808-4779)

  Confidentiality is guaranteed


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