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Are you looking for someone such as a runaway child, deadbeat dad, birth parent, family member, missing heirs, missing stockholders, missing policy holders, loan skips, prospect lists, or even a long lost high school or college friend? Blackwater Investigations, can help you find this person. Blackwater Investigations, has the experience, certifications, resources, and time to get the job done in a timely fashion. Our Missing Persons Investigators (CMPI) employ a variety of techniques to find your missing person including: Interviews, Surveillance, Pretexts, Professional Networking, and Database Searches. Please Call Us Today!

Do you need to Locate a particular Witness?

Do you need to Canvass a neighborhood for Witnesses?

At Blackwater Investigations, we are frequently called upon to help Locate Witnesses, determine their version of the facts, and continue to help coordinate their involvement. Whether you know who they are or need to determine if they exist, our limitless resources and expert Investigators can help you determine a strategy and plan of action to Locate a Witness in preparation for your litigation. Canvassing for Witnesses whether you have a Personal Injury, Workers Comp, or Disability case or an unclear account of what the facts are we can develop a cost effective and efficient plan to locate any witness that may have vital information to your case.

Locate Investigation