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Judgment Recovery

Have you obtained a judgment and had difficulty collecting your money? We can help!

We advance all costs and expenses incurred in the service of papers, examinations, subpoenas, court reporters and legal fees.

Most judgment creditors are forced to handle post-judgment recovery themselves. Courts provide little help with the complicated process of collecting money judgments. Trained professionals are capable of overcoming the many hurdles involved in judgment enforcement: researching and investigating debtor assets; court filings; issuing executions; extensive legwork; and keeping track of the timetables of the court.

We will relieve you of the hassle and frustration of dealing with the debtor and the courts! Blackwater Investigations investigates each debtor individually and develops an enforcement strategy for the most efficient action to enforce each judgment. Best of all, we only get paid when the debtor has paid!

Blackwater Investigations has access to databases that fewer than 1% of all collection companies are permitted to access. These specialized databases enable us to find your debtor and any monetary assets he/she may be hiding to avoid or hinder any collection on the judgment. We are proud of our ability to quickly locate debtor assets that few companies can match.

Additionally, Blackwater Investigations provides a team of highly trained professionals with experience in skip tracing, asset search, process service and an attorney with experience in the post-judgment proceedings, at no cost to you!

We levy bank accounts, seize vehicles for auction and garnish wages as permitted by law. All this will be done without you as plaintiff/creditor ever having to confront the debtor/defendant again.

Perhaps most importantly, our customer service is unparalleled. We recognize that this has likely been a frustrating process for you and that an important part of our function is to provide peace of mind. Feel free to call for a free consultation or, if we are handling your case already, just to get a status update. Blackwater Investigations staff is here to assist you and during normal business hours we are always just a quick call away!

** We only accept judgment cases for evaluation where the principal rendered at verdict is at least $1,000.

To qualify, a complete asset search must be conducted in order to  understand if the case is collectible, and if so, what remedies should be taken.

  If the asset search from our company indicates a collectible status for the judgment, an assignment may be considered (but is not guaranteed).

Asset search information may also be used in conjunction with another collector’s service, or attorney on retainer for your case.  Using our services does not obligate you to utilize our company for recovery.

The Process Explained

The First Step – Asset Search – Do you have a potentially collectible judgment recovery case where the principal rendered at verdict is $1,000 or more?  The first step in the process is to determine if the case is collectible.  In order to be evaluated for assignment, an asset search needs to be performed by our company.

Our research is trusted by hundreds of law firms across the country as the best-in-class debtor research, conducted in a law-compliant manner.  This is the key to determining the value of your case and securing a successful enforcement of your judgment.  Using our asset search services does not obligate you to use our firm for recovery.

Determination of Collect-ability – After the research on your judgment debtor is obtained and communicated to you, a determination will be made if the case is collectible.  If the case is collectible, we move on to…

Communication of Profit-Sharing Offer -Our company may make an offer towards the profit-sharing ratio of a partial or full collection of judgment.  The offer is non-binding.  You are not obligated to use our company for recovery.

Assignment – If our offer is accepted, we will send you a Judgment Recovery Application with Agreement for Assignment.  We will file the completed Agreement for Assignment with your court-of-origin.  It’s this document that empowers our company to begin the judgment enforcement process.

Strategy – Each judgment enforcement case is unique.  Blackwater Investigations formulates an enforcement strategy for each case assigned to us that maximizes the potential for recovery.

Making a Recovery – Just some of the options we employ for judgment enforcement:

1)  The debtor can cooperate and satisfy the judgment;     

2)  Blackwater Investigations will seize and/or liquidate all available assets; or    

3)  The debtor can offer a payment plan or settlement. ( Blackwater Investigations will communicate to you the proposed terms but retains rights to accept or decline any offers)

Get Paid – You will get paid directly from Blackwater Investigations .  Once proceeds from a judgment recovery are received in our office, you will receive a check for your percentage as listed in the Agreement for Assignment.

Since our inception, we have enforced money judgments for:

•Law firms and attorneys

•Real estate companies



We can enforce your judgment! Blackwater Investigations specializes in:

•Turning your paper (judgment) into cash!

•Domesticating judgments: moving the court judgment to the state, where the debtor currently lives or has a business.

•Fraudulent conveyance/transfer: discovering assets, which were transferred to another person or company to avoid paying a judgment.

•Finding debtors and their assets.

Judgment Recovery